5 must-have items for your wedding day!

5 must-have items for your wedding day!

At Pistachio Inc. we’re here to help you style and decorate your wedding so that it creates a beautiful setting for your perfect day. The style of your wedding is so important because it reflects you as a couple and will set the scene for the whole day,

So, here are our five must-have items for your wedding day and their plus points:

  1. Lanterns and fairy lights

Image credits: Hazel Hannant Photography

Image via Buster Marquees

*Cost-effective way to decorate and create ambiance and style

* You can use them literally anywhere: looping around stairs, hanging from the ceiling, around a supporting pole in a marquee, draped over the top table… the list goes on!

* They are extremely elegant and romantic helping to add to that luurve feeling of the day!

  1. Easel direction, seating, or welcome signs


Image via Etsy

Image via Pinterest

* Can be used as a time efficient and low-effort means of informing people of the seating plan or the order of the day, rather than you having to spend a lot of your day signposting people!

* These aren’t items you are going to want to treasure forever so hiring them is a cost-effective solution for you.

  1. Chiavari chairs

Image via Pinterest

Image via Rosetone Event Furniture

* Chiavari chairs are very elegant and are a simple and effect way of adding style to your overall look

* They also are developed to be lightweight and have a small footprint which means they’re easy to manoeuvre and many more chairs can be put at a table without affecting guests’ personal space! Plus this means more room for a dance floor/bar etc.!

  1. Wedding programs

Image via Etsy

Image via Instagram | @bridalclub

* Wedding programs are a fun way of providing your guests with a schedule of events for the day, making sure no-one is in the bathroom when you cut the cake!

* They also allow guests to see who’s who in your wedding party.

  1. Cake topper

Image via Etsy

Image credits: Kate Adams Photography

* Can be used to match your theme like the floral topper above

* Cake toppers are a fun and personal way to represent yourselves as a couple

You’ll find that we supply lots of these items in many different styles and colours, so take a look at our range of gorgeous products! If you’d like to hire any please get in touch. And if you need any styling tips, have a listen to episode 1.4 Styling your Wedding of Weddings by Zoë’s wedding planning podcast where we talk all you need to know to help pick a theme and how to create it!