Stress Free Wedding Day

Stress Free Wedding Day

Having worked with a whole bunch of lovely wedding planners, we have picked up some tricks and tips over the years. Today we are going to share with you, the on site schedule. Brides and grooms will find this invaluable for organising their day and easing stress levels. It’s a brilliant tool to keep on top of your planning and ensure that your big day runs smoothly.

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To start your schedule, simply use a word document and start entering key times throughout the day.

For example:


31 MAY 2016

  • 8AM – Champagne breakfast in private dining area with Mum, Dad and bridesmaids.
  • 9AM – Hairdresser arrives at hotel. Pay cash on arrival.
  • 9:30AM – Photographer to arrive and take getting ready shots.
  • 10AM – Bridesmaid to deliver gift to husband to be.


Keep savBlog ushersing the document and add to it as you book in new suppliers. The schedule will allow you to work out key timings that you can then share with your guests at a later date. It can also help give key people ideas on where they need to be and when. It will prove particularly useful when working out timings with your caterers.

As your day approaches, save a master copy of your on site schedule. This should include everything happening on the day, and also for the days leading up to the main event. Consider any rehearsal meetings, beauty appointments, or gifts you might need to buy for your VIP’s. Make sure that you contain all important contact numbers and addresses within the schedule. This will really ease the pressure on the day and allow suppliers to figure things out independently without having to hassle you. All of this information is vital to get down in black and white so you have some structure to what will prove a very busy week.


Once your master copy is complete, you can edit and send out to relevant suppliers and members of your wedding party. For example, the wedding band would love to receive a schedule with all the relevant timings and emergency contact details. The schedule is also a very useful took for your ushers who seem to have a habit of wandering around aimlessly without any real idea what they should be doing and when! Try to delegate as much as possible so you can simply relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Now get planning!


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